Spouse and Family Consulting

Apart from childcare and education, there are many other important family related topics that we offer advice on



Coaching to handle your new life in a foreign country as a non-working spouse

  • Integration into a Germany
    • Language and integration courses
    • Where do I meet people?
    • Intercultural training
    • What do you with my spare time?
  • Career Management
    • Career Coaching
    • Reviewing CVs and cover letters
    • Job application / interview trainings
    • What other options do I have to work on my career - trainings, studies, internships,...
    • Volunteer work
  • Information around Family Planning
    • Consultation and counseling possibilities for pregnant women (also in your mother tongue)
    • Finding courses for birth preparation in different languages
    • Finding birth clinics and doctors


  • Information around leisure activities for and with kids in and around Munich
  • Language schools focused on children and families
  • Sports
  • Music lessons
  • German or international playgroups 
  • Courses and activities with your baby or toddler
  • Children’s Cafés, going out with children
  • Outdoor play, playgrounds around town
  • Indoor playgrounds and play areas, Theme Parks
  • School holiday activities and holiday day care