General Questions

Contact us for answers to these and more questions when a relocation to Munich is considered:


For employers:

  • How can I employ someone who is not in Germany yet?
  • How do we start the visa / work permit process?
  • How can I facilitate the relocation of my employees?
  • How can I make sure the relocation / assignment is successful and the employee will stay long term?

For employees:

  • What it is like to live in Germany / Munich? What can I expect? 
  • What are the costs of living? 
  • How hard / easy is it to find work / housing / childcare? 
  • What will my partner / spouse do? How will my children settle in?
  • What paperwork do I need to take care of?
  • How can I organize my move?
  • Can I bring my pet, car, ....?