November 11th: St. Martins Day

If you have kids watch out for this coming friday: On November, 11th the festival of St. Martin (316-397) is celebrated enthusiastically by thousands of children and their parents. Many churches and kindergartens organize Martin plays and lantern processions that sometimes can be joined by other people as well. I can recommend the procession organized by the St. Maximillian church and Klenzeschule in Munich’s Glockenbachviertel. The kids do a Martin play in the school yard at 5 p.m. – the legend of the officer Martin, who shares his military cloak with a beggar on a cold winter night. At the Klenzeschule they have a real horse for the play and the boy or girl representing St. Martin will then lead the lantern procession with well over a hundred kids and parents through the streets of the Glockenbachviertel. Everyone sings Martin and lantern songs. The procession ends at St. Maximilian’s church where everyone shares some hot drinks and cookies. Very nice and impressive for the kids! Be sure to bring a lantern and some extra lights. If you live in a different part of town, check with you local church community if they do a similar event.

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